Masturbation Techniques

There is a variety of masturbation techniques done with different speed and pressure and all are completely dependent on what You like.

The simplest (or the basic) technique is to wrap Your fingers around the shaft of Your penis with Your dominant hand and rub it up and down. This provides a lot of contact between Your hand and the penis the more contact, the more pleasure. There are innumerable variations on this basic technique.

Remember this: experimentation is key.

There is no real guide to masturbation techniques. All You can read over the net is pages from personal experience and so are these techniques I recommend here:

1. You are either laying in bad or sitting in chair. While You do the basic stroke up and down with temporary changing of speed and pressure, use Your other hand stimulating Your testicles and/or anus.
2. Simulation of sex intercourse. This is usually done simply placing the penis on or against something and then rubbing the penis against it. You can do it a little bit differently wit a help of lubricants. Place some lubrication on the palm of one hand. Then, slowly rub the tip of your penis against the lubricated palm. Continue rubbing, varying the speed to suit your pleasure while other hand could be used for stimulating Your other private parts.
3. A little bit more with the lubes. Lube up both hands, then make a ring around the base of your penis with your thumb and one finger. Slide the ring from the base towards the tip. As you reach the tip, repeat the motion with the other hand. All strokes go from the base of the penis to the tip.
4. Next is wide spread technique often called the belly scratch. Lay on your back, lube up your penis (I have no idea how good this method is without lube) and lay it back against your stomach. Curl your fingers lightly around the top half of the shaft and stroke the length of the penis. Don’t encircle the penis with your hand–just rub the top half with your fingers and let the lower half rub against your belly.
5. Water as a pleaser. Place yourself so that your penis is sprayed by water from the tub faucet, the shower nozzle (particularly if you have the detachable kind), a garden hose, or other device. The spray may provide the sensations necessary for orgasm and together with the basic stroke it is a real sensation.

As I have already mentioned before these are all my favorite “techniques” and experimentation is key.

For example: belly scratch can be done laying on Your belly; basic stroke can be done standing and with Your other hand; stimulation of sex intercourse can also be done with two hands putting one behind the other. All of these are so called common techniques. I’ll discuss few less common techniques.

By less common techniques I consider the ones I personally don’t do or don’t like but know of. Some are quite difficult to manage and some I really dislike. However we all are different and these ones my excite You more that the common one … so here we go:

1. Probably the hardest of all techniques to do Autofelatio – ability of perform fellatio (oral sex) on your own penis.

First I must warn You – this is not possible for everyone, and you can injure yourself trying to do it. The most common method is to lay on a bed with your head close to a wall.

Swing your feet up over your head and against the wall, as if you were doing a backwards somersault. Then start walking your feet down the wall until you can either take the penis into your mouth or you simply can’t bend any further.

Hardly anyone who can get some of his own penis in his mouth can really blow himself. Usually no more than an inch or so of the penis gets in and there simply is not anything left for motion of the in-and-out kind. But the ones that have manage to do it say the feeling is incredible.

2. This technique is often referred to as “the squeeze”. This method is very painful for some men. If it hurts, don’t do it. Some men can get their erect penises between their thighs and can get off by jiggling or squeezing their thighs around their penises. Other men find it extremely painful to try to push their erections much lower than perpendicular to the body. Some find it easier to do this in a face down or a sitting position. A major consideration for anyone attempting this technique is to be sure to get the testicles out of harm’s way.

3. Masturbation with objects. Now it doesn’t mean You are homophobic if You don’t like implementation of any kind of object during Your masturbation and many men report intense pleasure while using objects either as a stimulation to Your private parts or as a part of technique.

You can use vibrators, vacuum cleaners, home appliances with any kind of sleeves, dolls (even dolls are considered a masturbation technique), non-sexual home objects (as toys, food etc.) and I guess everything else that can do the job.


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