Masturbation Prelude

I’ll give You few more interesting stories and facts regarding masturbation. Virtually all males masturbate, though some more frequently than others. Males usually start masturbating quite early, though most don’t ejaculate until around age 12 to 15 y.o.

Frequency typically peaks around puberty and it usually continues throughout adulthood, even when other forms of sexual activity are available.

Frequency tends to drop with age. It is explained with the fact of descending of sexual wish and activity in all adults (male or female) with ages. Common misconception is that only lonely and unpopular men and boys masturbate.

This is far from the truth and anyone who tells you he doesn’t masturbate probably feels guilty about his self-pleasuring.

Causes for such behavior!? Inhibitions and probable prejudice from a childhood when masturbation was considered a “bad” thing and/or thinking of masturbating as an intimate gesture thus making it hard to talk about. But the clear fact is that both married and single people masturbate, and one’s level of masturbation does not necessarily depend on how often one has intercourse.

As long as You are in touch with yourself and Your sexuality there is nothing to worry about.

Lesson 1 – relax, masturbation is not anomaly it’s, if nothing else, natural need of Your body.

Lesson 2 – Next, for Your pleasure, You need to be familiar with Your private parts and how they can be stimulated during masturbation or regular sex:

Penis – the penis is made up primarily of spongy tissue, which becomes engorged with blood during erection. Two or three inches of the penis are rooted inside the body in the pubococcygeus muscle (PC muscle) and it is possible to strengthen this muscle for stronger erections, stronger orgasms and better ejaculatory control.
Testicles – are Your sperm production area. They hang down, away from the body and as you prepare to ejaculate, the testicles are pulled toward the body. Stimulating testicles especially during ejaculation is highly pleasurable.
Prostate – is a gland that lies at the center of your pelvis and is highly sensitive to sexual stimulation.

During erotic stimulation, the prostate becomes increasingly aroused. The closer you are to orgasm, the more sensitive the prostate is. About 1/3 of your ejaculate comes from the prostate. The prostate can be stimulated externally or through the anus.

Perineum – is the area between the base of the testicles and the anus. This area can be very sensitive to sexual stimulation, especially during orgasm. It is also used when You want to delay ejaculation.
Pubococcygeus (PC) Muscle – it is actually a group of muscles that run from your pubic bone in front to your tailbone in the back. It is the muscle that contracts when you ejaculate, moving the semen up through the penis and out of the body.
Anus – Due partly to it’s proximity to the prostate gland and partly to its own high concentration of sensitive nerve endings, the anus is a highly erogenous zone for many men.

Lesson 3 – I’ll make a difference here between masturbation on Your own and masturbation during sexual intercourse with Your partner or in front of Your partner. We’re talking here predominantly about masturbation as sexual activity involving only one person. As for the mutual masturbation check this page.

Now You know it’s perfectly normal to do it and You know Your private parts and how they react to stimulation, there is a question of (in a lack of better word) how to!?

Sexual fantasy is a key thing in masturbation.

Males in general react much better to audio-visual stimulation than plain fantasy. Thus it is widely spread the use of pictures and videos of pornographic nature, as well as magazine covers with gorgeous women to make a sexual fantasy much stronger and pleasurable.

The ability to create sexual fantasies that stimulate sexual activity is essential to pleasurable masturbation.

The preferences of every individual are different and can be varied, depending on your mood, setting and experiences. Don’t be alarmed if you find that you are turned on by subject matter that may be considered taboo. Remember that Your getting in touch with Yourself here probably on more intimate level than during regular sex with Your partner.
Many men enjoy masturbating using a lubricant, rather than dry.

Others learn to masturbate before they think of using a lubricant and never feel a need to include lubricants.

However it is a matter of personal choice. As for the lubricants pre-ejaculate is an excellent lubricant, although the supply may be somewhat limited.

Hand lotion or vaseline can be used, though, since these contain oils, they are probably not the best choice if intercourse with a condom is to follow. A clear, water based gel, such as KY gel, is made for this purpose and does not destroy condoms.
Some men enjoy using devices while masturbating a vibrator, a shower massage unit or similar.

Many of these devices produce an interesting, though short-lived effect.
However anything from lubricants and devices to positions and techniques is a matter of personal choice, just remember it’s all about You and Your pleasure.

Now we can talk about positions and techniques.

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