Want to know a little about us!? We’re the double J – Jason(28) & Jenny(25). Partners in life and for life. Since we’ve started this site (Aug 2022) ideas what this place should look like and feel like have changed.

From a simple what we like page to a little more in depth approach to all the questions covered. But we’ve always had one thing in our mind:
the only way to learn something new is to share something You already know.

No one can explain You how to be a good lover or how to have a perfect sex but what You can do is learn using other peoples experience as an inspiration. That’s finally what this place should be.
Sex is a game all adults like to play. It is also a game full of misconceptions, misinterpreted sex drives considered (wrongly) anomalies, prejudices and taboos.

Game that needs to be purified through us to be understood the right way. It is the ultimate way of self sharing with someone else.

Intimacy at it’s highest level so how can something that bring You pleasure be wrong!? Why should we consider masturbation a wrong doing when Your body produces and accumulates semen, and wants you to ejaculate to make room for more. If there is no partner around what can be done no to overstep the problem!?
Before You use this site in full please read our terms & conditions page.
We want You to throw away Your childhood inhibitions, relax, stay open minded and get in touch with Your sexuality to find out what is it You like in a sex game and share it with us the same way we share ours with You.

Sex forum is in developing as a step 2 in sex communication here at masturbateforpeace.com. Till then write to us.
For any question in general and regarding our site write to