What is Masturbation?

Nobody talks about it, everybody does it, and no one admits it. What am I talking about?

The first and most basic sexual practise we all enjoy is of course masturbation. So what exactly do we mean by this term? That’s a good question. And one which has many delightful answers.

Where does the term Masturbation come from?

According to one interpretation, the word masturbation is believed to derive from either the Greek word for penis, mezea or the Latin word for hand, manus and the Latin for disturb, turbare.
Giving it a rough meaning of either hand disturbance or penis disturbance.

Another etymology is based on the Latin term manu stuprare, which means to defile with the hand. The little-used synonym manustupration is also derived from manus stuprare.

Examples of Masturbation

Masturbation can consist of touching, penetrating, caressing or rubbing your genitals for pleasure and excitement. Most women think of masturbation as focusing on the vulva or clitoris. However, stimulating other parts of the body can be considered masturbation as well.

Masturbation can include almost any activity which excludes intercourse with a partner such as:

Rubbing the clit, vulva, inner and outer labia with the hand
Fingering yourself or your partners vagina
Using a vibrator externally on almost any part of the body
Using a dildo to penetrate and massage the vagina
Fingering or caressing the anus.
Using a dildo or vibrator to simulate the anus
Using other parts of the body
Using surfaces, furniture or natural settings to achieve climax
Using a combination of techniques or toys to enhance and blend stimulation
Masturbating with a partner or in a group separately
Masturbating with a partner or group and physically stimulating one another

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