Masturbation & Jealousy

Many women feel guilty about masturbating, as if they are betraying their partner. In a relationship, you don’t have to do everything together.

Partner Induced guilt

If masturbation isn’t used as an escape, but as a search for balance, then you both partners will be at ease, and can experience a healthy sex life without the tension. Whereas frustration caused by inadequate sex can cause you to resent your partner, and even wish to turn away from sex with him or her.

Is it wrong to masturbate if you are married or in a relationship? People who masturbate aren’t necessarily lonely nor have incompetent partners! A partner sometimes might have trouble accepting their partner masturbating because they interpret it to be a sign of dissatisfaction with their performance.

This is a reaction of jealousy and fear. “What does she need me for?” However, sometimes each member in a relationship needs to get in tune with their own desires and preferences sexually before having the confidence to do so together. Then they can better communicate this with their partners.

If you or your partner is interested in learning more about masturbation, it is best to discuss it openly and acknowledge each others feelings around the topic. Without communication, masturbation can be read as a sign of anger, alienation, or dissatisfaction. Underlying these feelings is often a feeling of fear of abandonment so have patience, but stay your ground. You help others by becoming more confident and able to communicate your desires.

It is perfectly natural to continue to masturbate even when one has a regular partner and a satisfactory sexual life. Masturbation can be considered another great way to get off, a temporary substitute for sexual relations.

If your partner isn’t sexually available (pregnancy, periods, conflict) but masturbation can also have special advantages; it brings another type of pleasure and allows a person to enrich her/his sexual life, while getting to know her/his own body better and to master it.

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