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For Couples: Valentine's Masturbation for Peace

By masturbating for peace together, you can share the power of your love and harness your sexual desire for a peaceful ideal, while forging a more intimate bond with your partner. Here are some masturbation suggestions for lovers.

A Romantic Rendezvous

Dim the lights, light some candles, burn some incense, and run a hot bubble bath for you and your lover. Make Valentine's Day a sensual rendezvous, capped off by masturbating together for peace.

After your bath, take turns giving each other long, loving massages. Ease away the tension of the work day with a full-body rubdown using massage oil or lotion. Be sure to hit all those "special" spots as you caress your loved one.

Once you're nice and relaxed, settle into the boudoir and get your masturbation session going. Whether you each masturbate yourselves, or you masturbate each other, concentrate on sending peaceful, loving energy to the world. The power of masturbation is amplified when individuals join together.

Tantra for Two

Tantra is an ancient technique that has been used for centuries to enhance lovemaking and elevate it to a spiritual level. Many of these techniques are detailed in the Kama Sutra. This is a perfect way to celebrate Valentine's with your lover. Get completely naked with your partner, and begin by exploring their body with your eyes only. As you appreciate your partner's physical attributes, pay attention to the feelings of warmth and sexual energy building at the base of your spine, below your belly button, in your solar plexus, and in your chest. These are significant chakras, or centers for your kundalini energy.

You may want to sit on the bed with your partner, across from each other so you both get a good view. Sitting with the soles of your feet touching or your legs entwined is a nice way to keep contact. As you gaze into each other's eyes, slowly begin pleasuring yourselves. Feel the love and radiance flowing between you, as you get more and more aroused. Imagine sharing that bliss with everyone on the planet.

Stroke your way to the brink of climax, and then stop and wait without having an orgasm. Do this again and again, each time feeling the healing sexual energy rise higher and higher up your spine till it reaches the crown of your head. Synchronize your breathing if you can. Finally, as you get ready to climax together, imagine sending the sexual energy of your orgasm as white light out the top of your head, spreading peace and joy throughout the universe. As you become one with each other in bliss, you both become one with the cosmos, celebrating life through the power of masturbation.

Fun With Sex Toys

This Valentine's, have a playful night of masturbation fun with your lover by trying some sex toys. We suggest getting a vibrator for her and some cock rings for him. And you can both enjoy anal toys while you masturbate for peace. Toys add variety and excitement to your sex life and using them can turn you both on while you use them.

Some people may wonder if using sex toys while masturbating for peace is cheating. It's not. As long as you keep peace foremost in your mind as you reach your climax, you've done your part for the cause. Don't forget the lube!