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Masturbation Sex Toys for Men

When beating off for peace, most men simply take matters in hand, so to speak. But there are a number of adult toys that add to men's pleasure while masturbating. With the right tool for the job, you can cum even harder for the cause.

Smooth Stroking

One toy that every man should try is a masturbator sleeve such as the Fleshlight. These are tubes of jelly or cyberskin material that you hold in your hand and slide over your cock. You can also get masturbators that simulate anal or vaginal intercourse, or a blow job, depending on your preference. Some incorporate a miniature vibrator to add a little buzz. All you need to add is a little water-based lube, like KY Jelly, and you'll be stroking your way to a superb orgasm.

Pump It Up

Penis pumps are most often touted as a means to penile enlargement, but while those claims are dubious, one thing that's certain is that pumps are a great masturbation tool. Many men compare it to getting an incredibly powerful blow job. Pumps draw blood into the penis and do temporarily enlarge it. Just be careful not to pump too hard or too long, as you could give yourself the equivalent of a dick hickey, and be sure to stop if you experience any pain.

Grab the Brass Ring

Cock rings can also enhance male masturbation by prolonging erection. Cock rings fit around the base of the penis, sometimes encircling the balls as well. Solid rings must be put on and removed when the penis is flaccid, but other rings are made out of stretchy jelly rubber material or have Velcro or snap closures. Some cock rings also incorporate a small vibrator that can be positioned to stimulate the balls. Once the ring is in place, it prevents blood flowing into the penis from leaving, keeping the cock erect and engorged. This can prolong the length of your masturbation session and create a more intense orgasm.

Because cock rings restrict blood flow to the penis, some caution must be exercised when using them. Make sure the ring is not too small, and don't leave it on for more than 15 minutes at a time.

Prostate Power

Many men are a little reluctant to investigate anal penetration, but they're missing out on the awesome power of prostate stimulation. A butt plug, anal probe, dildo, or specially designed prostate toy will hit the P-spot and catapult your orgasm out of this world. Whatever you put up in your butt, just be sure it has a flared base or something at the end to keep it from going all the way up there and getting stuck. And don't forget to use a healthy dose of water-based lube, such as KY Jelly.

Size of the toy doesn't matter as much as the shape. Butt plugs and vibrators for prostate stimulation should be angled. Many toys that are curved to hit women's G-spots can also be used to hit the prostate. Open your mind and your butt to the power of prostate stimulation, and you may be very pleasantly surprised.