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Pro-War Vitriol

  • Stroke it until you burst, and let Saddam attack US first.
  • After we blow up Iraq, you can kiss my crack

You guys, and girl, have it wrong again. Instead of being yellow-bellied , so- called, Americans, you are wishing for the downfall of our beloved country. How can you jack-off over your twisted perversion of peace, when you should be flogging your joy stick all over the dictator that someday would have killed you. - Brian, Tennessee

I think you guys are wackos and should be shot !!!  Get an education, and be conservative, if you want to survive in this VIOLENT world. People like you will end our world. Wake up you idiots, before you are killed by these uncontrollable maniacs.  - Susan, New York

I plan on masturbating during the initial 48 hour bombing phase of the Bush/Rumsfield peace initiative.  There is nothing more sexually exciting as a GPS guided bomb hitting a military target.  I am actually getting aroused thinking about it.  I doubt that my masturbation will bring about peace but a guarantee you that the US Military will bring peace to Iraq.

Masturbate if you must, but keep this in mind, there is nothing you can say, and there is nothing you can do, war is coming and it's CUMMING for you. 

Advocating peace isn't an insult but by doing so you invoke a constitutional right to free speech.  From those of us that have served and seen death and understand the price we personally have paid let alone the price you haven't you're welcome.  At a time we should all consider this, you choose to speak out as a union or group and announce your needs to a country you give nothing what have you done to better this country or the people in it? What have you offered to the people of this nation other than this site?  Your opinions are offensive.  This site is unnecessary.  If you spent as much time and effort to develop a means of producing a solution to "War" and a better way of dealing with political situations of importance, tell us all and enlighten those of us that have served so we all feel warm and fuzzy about your ideas.  You cheapen the efforts to support this nation and the memories of fallen friends and comrades. - MW

KILL SADDAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YOU PEACE LOVING HIPPIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You guys need to stop drinking the bong water and take a good hard look at the real world. Sometimes you have to stand up and meet threats, not pretend you can wish it away. I do not want my son to have to take care of a problem that I can solve here and now. Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of spanking the monkey.. but I don't feel like I need to do it for some stupid naive cause. - Joseph

This is quite possibly the sorriest website I have ever seen, and your lame attempts to garner a few bucks under the premises of wanting peace sicken me.

I fought in the gulf war to protect the very freedom and way of life you now take for granted…and in ways I wish to hell I could have had you there fighting with me, maybe you could of jerked off and scared the poor Iraqis away for me…..then I wouldn’t of had to get my hands dirty when I shoved a Kbar thru his sternum….you and your organization should be thank God there are people willing to sacrifice their very lives to allow you to post your disgusting mindless propaganda on the internet…  - Gregory, Tampa, Florida

Get a life!  If America thought like you idiots there would be no such thing as the USA and you would not have been born to Masturbate! - New Jersey


I will jerk my gherkin while thinking of gentle images of Saddam bent over his desk and brutally gang-raped by the UN weapons inspectors using all the unclaimed warheads as anal probes. - Panama City

I didn't know love made peace.  I love my husband, but we're not always peaceful.  We are on good terms with England, but we weren't always peaceful.  We are ONE NATION UNDER GOD, but that argument is not always peaceful.  We are the UNITED States of America, but we have not always been peaceful within ourselves, and I, for one, enjoy my freedom at great lengths.  Do you think you would have the FREEDOM to operate this ridiculous website if AMERICANS had not FOUGHT for YOUR FREEDOM?  You and your 'patrons' are a disgrace to this country and the honorable men and women who have fought off the tyrants of this world.  Nonetheless, I will pray that God brings you to your senses...

May God be with you, and walk with you in your life... - Michelle

As interesting as your message is, is it really offering much more than another medium for liberal, artsy- wannabe's to gloat? Do you offer a single solution or an alternative to taking a military initiative to suppress a hostile threat and an international weapons violator? I don't think you have to be conservative to recognize that your site is just a bunch of nonsense, and that you are trying to seek attention. If the entire theme of "masturbating for peace" is supposed to be satirical, you also fail. But, in general, you need to get a new angle.  How about "hug a tree for peace" or "save a whale for peace." Clearly the idea is to combine as many liberal ideas into one theme that will be as catchy as possible to as many stupid neo- hippie college students who are sex- craved and who think it is in- style to bash Bush as possible.

How about some of these ideas for Bumper stickers: "Hug a tree, Sadam come fuck me." My heart bleeds, soon Sadam will make me get on my knees." "I am a liberal piece of shit, let's get our hands into it" "My anti- war babble makes no sense, but who cares... I will make a site to make a few dollars and cents."  "Blood, torture, death, and tears... why not negotiate another 12 years" ...and finally "Speaking of the French... what the FUCK is that stench?" - Chris, New Orleans