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To some anal sex toys seem a bit too extreme. But trust us, they can be a great addition to your sex life, either by yourself or with others. Butt plugs offer anal stimulation during masturbation or intercourse and a small plug can be a great introduction to anal intercourse. Aficionados can challenge themselves with a larger plug. However you enjoy and experiment, you're sure to become a quick convert to butt plugging.

You Put It Where?

A butt plug is essentially a dildo for the anus. They are specially designed to fit, and stay, in your ass. Usually cone shaped; they start slender for easy insertion, then widen, then taper again. Most important of all they have a flat base to keep the plug from getting lost in there.

Step by Step

The smallest butt plugs are about the size of a slender finger. Jelly rubber anal plugs are also a good bet for the beginner, since they have more “give.” Training kits are available, which include a set of increasingly larger plugs and some lube. These let you build up to larger sizes.

To get accommodated to using a butt plug, first start with some lube and a finger. Slowly and gently probe your asshole using your finger,  if you're squeamish you can put on a latex glove first. Once the anal muscles have relaxed and are used to the sensations caused by penetration, insert the a well-lubed butt plug. Leave it in place for just a few minutes at first, then try increasing the length of time in subsequent sessions. Relax and get used to it. You'll soon find that it enhances both masturbation and intercourse.