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A Demand for the Truth about the Health Effects of Masturbation

We, as a community of peace activists, recognize the importance of personal health and well-being. Care of the self goes hand-in-hand with our hopes for a non-violent future. We also believe, however, that any attempt to discourage or limit masturbation could have disastrous consequences for the cause of peace.

A small study (Masturbation and Prostate Cancer Risk) has recently made headlines suggesting that masturbation somehow increases the risk of prostate cancer. Many other studies have shown the opposite effect. It is imperative that more research be done to settle this question.

We call on the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to immediately initiate comprehensive studies to determine the effect, if any, of masturbation on prostate cancer risk.

As peace activists who use masturbation as a form of non-violent protest, we are well aware that there are those who would like to put a stop to our efforts. We question any report of masturbation's adverse effects as a potential attempt to both limit human sexual freedom and undermine the cause of peace. The military-industrial complex, as well as anti-sex zealots, have an obvious interest in curtailing masturbation as an expression of self-love.

We confirm our commitment to men's health as part of our ongoing mission to masturbate for peace. However, we urge men to weigh all the evidence before modifying their masturbation habits. We also assert our right as citizens to masturbate as a political statement. We will not let this right be infringed upon with scare tactics. We demand further study on the link between masturbation and prostate cancer, along with the assurance that the results are objective and unbiased, and not an attempt to crush the Masturbate for Peace movement.

Sign the petition in support of medical facts about masturbation:

I demand the NIH to initiate a comprehensive study of the health effects of masturbation

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