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Using Dildos for Masturbation

One of the most universal sex toys, dildos have been around for centuries and have been used by people of many nations and cultures, from ancient China to Rome, to enhance sexual pleasure. Dildos are shaped like penises and used for vaginal or anal penetration to simulate intercourse. They may be used by one person for masturbation, or in the case of strap-on dildos, they may be worn by one person to penetrate another.

Choose your weapon

Although all dildos are basically penis shaped, they come in a variety of styles and types from non-representational (smooth and not realistic) dildos to anatomically correct realistic dicks. Beginners may want to start with a small dildo while size queens can get a big bang out of monster cocks. Dildos are made a variety of materials, including rubber, silicone, and even metal or glass. Silicone dildos are usually high quality and long lasting, but are more expensive. Jelly rubber dildos are not as durable, but can be a good choice for beginners because they are soft, flexible, and inexpensive. For the most realistic feeling, cocks made of Cyberskin and similar materials offer a silky and amazingly flesh-like texture and pliability.

Dildos can be used for either vaginal or anal penetration. In either case, we recommend using a water-based lube like KY Jelly or Astroglide. Oil- or silicone-based lubes can damage sex toys made of rubber, silicone, or Cyberskin, while water-based lubes are compatible with all materials and clean up easily.

Masturbating with dildos

When masturbating with a dildo, many women enjoy first rubbing the head and shaft of the dildo against their clit and labia to get themselves aroused. They may then push the dildo into the vagina, moving it in and out with one hand while massaging the clit with the other. Vibrating dildos and multifunction dildos can be used for both clitoral and vaginal stimulation. Some dildos feature suction cup bases so they can be affixed to a smooth surface such as a wall, floor, or shower tiles. You can then fuck yourself with the dildo by moving against it, without using your hands.

Many women also enjoy using dildos for anal penetration, but remember, if you put something in your ass, don't put it in your vagina without thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting it first. Otherwise you may transfer germs that can cause vaginal infections. Women who enjoy dual penetration (being penetrated in both the vagina and the anus) may use two dildos at the same time, one in the pussy and one in the ass, or use a double penetrator, which is a dual dildo with two shafts to penetrate simultaneously.

Some men also enjoy using dildos for anal penetration during masturbation. Remember that dildos should not be used anally unless they have a wide base or balls at the end to prevent them from going all the way inside the rectum. And be sure to use plenty of lube. Men can use dildos anally to stimulate their prostate gland during masturbation. The prostate is located between the penis and anus, just below the bladder, and can be stimulated by applying pressure a few inches inside the anus against the front wall of the rectum. Stimulating the prostate can increase the intensity of orgasm for males and in some cases increase ejaculation.

Getting off with a friend

If you're masturbating with a friend, and you both want to use a dildo at the same time, you can use a double dildos which is long and flexible and has a cock head at each end. This can be used for vagina-to-vagina, vagina-to-ass, or ass-to-ass penetration. If one of you wants to do the driving, try a strap-on dildo, which is attached to a harness that fits around the waist and legs of the wearer.

Cleaning up

When you're done using your dildo, be sure to clean and store it properly to prolong its life. Wash it thoroughly with warm water and a mild antibacterial soap, or use a sex toy cleanser. Pat it dry, then wrap it in a clean cloth and store it in a closed box or drawer. Cyberskin toys need to be handled very carefully to avoid tearing the material, and should be dried thoroughly and dusted with cornstarch prior to storage. To make clean up easier, you may want to put a condom on your dildo before you use it, especially if you are inserting it anally. This is also recommended for all dildos made of Cyberskin, because its is harder to clean and more porous other dildo materials.